Family Law Appeals

Family Law Appeals in Houston & Conroe, TX

Although rare, sometimes it becomes necessary to seek relief from an appellate court. J&K is one of the few family law firms with an “in house” appellate attorney. We represent clients in the appeal of any family law matter, including property division and child custody. Our in-house team has an excellent reputation for navigating the extreme complexities involved in an appeal to a higher court.

What You Need to Know About Family Law Appeals

You may have the ability to appeal a final judgment in family law case, from property division to child custody. If you are appealing a family law ruling in the state of Texas, you need to meet several requirements for your case to be heard. A notice of appeal typically must be made within thirty days of the final judgment being signed by the judge. However, you must be able to demonstrate that the judge failed to follow the law, or exceeded his or her discretion when deciding your case – in other words, you cannot appeal a case only if you disagree with the outcome.

Appeals are not easy to prove, as many family law rulings are dependent on individual and factual circumstances rather than legal specifics. This means that rulings often hinge on a judge’s personal interpretation of the evidence, and judges often get a great deal of leeway when making decisions in a family law matter.

Because family law appeals are so challenging, you need an experienced legal team to advise and assist you. If you believe your case warrants an appeal or a modification of the final ruling, our professionals can analyze your case and help gather the necessary evidence to pursue the appellate process. Contact us today to learn more.