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Divorce is a highly emotionally charged matter and you need the advice of a confident and experienced attorney who can offer a realistic assessment of your case. Our attorneys will work with you to evaluate your situation and to determine an efficient, effective path to the best resolution. We can help you with every aspect in your divorce including issues involving your children, the valuation and characterization of your community assets and the protection of your separate estate.

You are not alone in the divorce process. We are here to provide counsel and comfort through this difficult time in your life.

Our Divorce Attorney Can Help

For more than 30 years, our divorce attorneys have been helping families in the Houston and Conroe, TX areas with their family law cases. When it comes to divorce, we understand how confusing and stressful this time might be. We do our best to ease your stress while providing you with the legal guidance. In most cases, each party is unaware of their rights. Our experienced divorce attorneys will walk you through the process to help you completely understand your options.

In the State of Texas, spouses can file for divorce on no-fault and fault grounds. No-fault divorces will assert “insupportability” as the cause for the divorce. This means the marriage cannot be supported anymore due to an unresolvable conflict between the spouses. Fault options for divorce include adultery, a spouse having been convicted of a felony, cruel treatment, and other factors.

Divorce Settlement

In some cases, spouses can settle on their terms outside of court. However, in most cases, families need attorneys to help the parties create a mutually agreeable settlement. Normally, anything that was received by a party before the marriage will remain the property of that individual and will not be taken into consideration in the divorce. However, assets that were acquired during marriage will need to be identified, valued and characterized before being divided. This may include real estate, vehicles, debts, retirement benefits. If children are involved in the case, our experienced attorneys will also advise on how conservatorship, possession & access, and child support are typically resolved. We strive to inform and educate our clients at every step of the case so that the best outcome can be achieved.

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If you feel that divorce mediation might be a better option for you and your spouse, our attorneys can explain the process, as well as other methods of alternative dispute resolution, to aid you in arriving at the best possible outcome for you and your family. At Jenkins & Kamin, LLP, we deliver a first-rate legal product at a competitive cost. If you’re interested in discussing options for divorce, please contact one of our offices to schedule a consultation with a Jenkins & Kamin attorney.