Complex Property Issues

Complex Property Issues & Divorce Settlement
In Houston, TX & Conroe, TX

The options for resolving complex property cases are as varied as our clients. We understand the issues involved in large estates and recognize that even smaller estates may involve complex issues. We will steer you through the myriad of available options and strategies to achieve the best legal outcome. Our attorneys pride themselves on careful drafting of property settlement agreements to ensure both clarity and enforceability.

If the individuals involved in a divorce can agree to the division of their property, a judge will make a prompt ruling to legally split their assets. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. In the State of Texas, all income and assets generated during a marriage should be fairly and equitably divided between spouses. These assets range from bank and retirement accounts, to furniture, appliances, stocks, insurance policies, artwork, motor vehicles, intellectual property, and beyond. As you can imagine, the property division process can prove quite tricky without proper legal guidance.

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Our attorneys will accompany you through each phase of the property division process, and we’ll even assist in matters of valuation. We thoroughly review tax returns, financial statements, and financial account records to gain insight about your financial situation in order to more effectively represent you.

Our firm has long-established relationships with the top business valuation experts and forensic accountants in the Houston, TX region to aid us in achieving a positive legal outcome for our clients. If you’re interested in discussing our property division services, please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with Jenkins & Kamin, LLP. We provide skilled counsel at a highly competitive rate. It’s that simple.